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We provide the following commercial property maintenance services:


Asphalting and concreting
Our trades people are competent and skilled at their profession. We will carry out all preparatory work required, and all finishing work whether it be driveway, car park or other areas around your building. We can incorporate feature areas of block or stone, and our concrete can be plain, coloured or have exposed aggregate with a range of stone options. If you require the concrete to be ground and or polished we can offer that service (see below for Concrete cutting, grinding, polishing. Special consideration is given to specification where large or heavy trucks are operating and tight turning.
Our trades people are competent and skilled at their profession, and we can usually find a solution for most challenges. If it is prudent to repair, we will repair, if it is prudent to replace, we will replace. In either circumstance, we will liaise with you. If you require additions to your premises i.e., a new office, new lunch room, new toilet block etc, we will be happy to sit with you to ensure that we build exactly what you need.
Chemical low pressure washing and water blasting
It is important to keep your building clean and free of the airborne contaminants that accelerate decay. We prefer a low pressure chemical system as this is less damaging to the fabric of the building. The chemicals used are biodegradable and do not affect plants, pets or people.
Concrete placing, cutting, grinding, polishing
We are able to offer a full range of concrete cutting and surfacing, for both practical and decorative purposes.
Decorative concrete finishing
Driveways, decks, patios, toilets, bathrooms, meeting areas etc.
Transforming these areas into hard wearing serviceable flooring areas with a trowelled on decorative surface finished with a urethane coating. A wide range of tile appearance, or marbled appearance finishes are available.
Decoration services
Detection of lead or asbestos in old paint.
Health and safety for both our clients and our staff is of vital importance. For older timber houses, before pre paint preparation can start, it is imperative that we test the existing paints for the presence of lead. There are a few additional steps in the preparation process which we need to adhere to, to ensure the environment remains safe.
Paint stripping.
There are many ways to remove old paint from painted surfaces, Each has its benefits and disadvantages, these are often determined by particular situation in which the work is to be carried out, and the substrate in question. We would be happy to discuss our preferences with you based on our inspection of the property, in conjunction with preparing a quotation for repainting.
Mechanical vacuum sanding.
Wherever dust is an issue, we have a preference to use vacuum sanding equipment. While this does not eliminate all dust, it eliminates most of it.
Access Options
With Wellingtons topography, access can often be a significant consideration to allow maintenance to be carried out safely. We have access to a range of equipment that allows us to tailor a solution to most challenges we are confronted with. From a simple mobile scaffold, to cherry pickers, scissor lifts and tube and clip scaffolding and swinging stage.
Protective Coatings

  • Waterproofing membranes
    There are many paint on or spray on waterproofing membranes available, the appropriate system needs to be established at a site visit
  • Epoxies
    Epoxy coatings provide a hard and durable finish to steel or aluminium surfaces
  • Two pack Urethanes
    Two pack urethanes have the advantage of being flexible to some extent, as well as being hard wearing and durable and can be applied to a vide variety of substrates.
  • Anti-corrosive coatings
    In Wellingtons salt laden environment, anti corrosive treatments are extremely important in exposed locations.
  • Rust inhibitors
    It is extremely difficult and costly to eliminate rust. Timely application of rust inhibitors can extend the life of metals quite considerably.
  • Traffigard
    We are approved Traffigard applicators. Traffigard is a versatile waterproofing membrane, suitable for use in locations where recoating over time can be attended to.

Decorative Coatings

Our company uses predominantly Premium products, we prefer to avoid the cheaper “trade” lines or “architectural” lines, as with most things, you get what you pay for. We are able to apply Premium quality Acrylics including High-build Acrylics, Enamels – old and new technology and Polyurethane's
Specialist Decorative Coatings
Our trades people can provide you with the paint effect your seek, including rag rolling, sponging etc., lime wash, Selected spray coat applications and multi colour finishes. We are specialist applicators of Zolatone, Polomyx and Multifleck.
Wall Cladding

We have access to a wide range of wallpapers and vinyl’s from basic economical papers and vinyl’s to bespoke handmade imported papers.


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De-imaging and re-imaging
We are able to remove your old signage and livery, and install new. We would be happy to work with you if required to assist with design.

Our trades people can attend to the strip out of commercial premises to small building demolition.
Our trades people can assist with all your drainage concerns, from a simple sump or drainage coil, to replacement of broken underground pipes and their connection to the Council systems.
We offer a full range of electrical services from the installation of new power points or lights to full fit out electrical for your new offices.
Engineering – general
We cater for a wide range of general engineering tasks including metal fabrication, steel canopies, wrought iron balustrades for decks, stair handrails. We also carry out maintenance on structural steel members where decay is advanced.
Maintenance of existing or building of new. Timber, concrete, steel, wire mesh.
We are able to provide you with a full range of commercial flooring including :

  • carpet
  • vinyl
  • ceramics
  • wood
  • rubber



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Reglazing, re puttying, new glazing, new mirrors. Secondary acrylic glazing (double glazing)
H.V.A.C systems
Retro fitting heating can be fraught with all sorts of problems. Discuss your needs with us and we will tailor a package that suits your specific requirements.
Joinery - timber and aluminium
Whether it be maintaining existing joinery, or replacement with new, our trades people will ensure that the end result is just as you want it.
Landscaping and grounds maintenance
From a one off design and planting package to an annual regular maintenance package, you will be pleased with the transformation.

There are always items of plumbing maintenance that need to be attended to. Our qualified plumbers will attend to any items of maintenance, or if you are looking to upgrade your wet areas, let us put a package together to bring this to fruition.
Road and court markings
Marking out your car park, or private road marking, marking out your sports court.


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Roofing and spouting
Roof leaks can cause significant damage if not attended to promptly. It is often the case that if a roof needs patching, it needs replacing. We will provide a balanced judgement on the condition of your roof, and how effective patching might be, and where appropriate, provide a cost to replace in materials that are appropriate and guaranteed.
Sectional and roller doors
We can maintain and where required replace sectional or roller doors.
Electrification of existing doors can also be investigated and installed if preferred.
Small painted window signs, signs on corflute or signage ply, building signage, major building identification. Let us know what you want, and we will see that you are completely satisfied.
Specialist cabling
A range of specialist cabling is available. Let us know your requirements and we will arrange to supply and install to the locations you request.
Suspended ceilings
From replacement of damaged tiles to a full new ceiling. A wide range of tiles available including acoustic, plaster and mineral fibre.
Window furnishings
A full selection of window furnishings can be supplied and installed including

  • drapes
  • roller blinds
  • venetians
  • roman blinds

Window tinting

From crystal quartz to solar films, we can supply and install these. Tell us what you want.



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